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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 1, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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that entitlement is one too many. coming up tomorrow the user's guide continues. think you for joining us. have a great night. we will see you in the york tomorrow. >> good evening every buddy -- everybody the government is shut down principally president obama. 800,000 employees but they will most likely be paid retroactively but the essential services are provided restoring veterans' benefits to open national parks and monuments to allow the district of columbia to operate normally in funding bills that obama has strangely just in to veto. the impasse over the one-year delay of obamacare and the end of subsidies of
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obamacare for congress and the white house and the staff seems an insurmountable. the government shut down the obamacare insurance exchanges is opened or trying to. the on-line exchanges open to reports of technical glitches that in some cases prevented people from enrolling more than 30 states. error messages are plentiful and frequent. as for the president himself he was working today using citizens as props as he castigated republicans relentlessly. the president made 25 references to republicans in his 19 minute speech from the rose garden. curious. >> republicans in congress chose to shut down the federal government. let me be more specific. one faction of one party of
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one house of congress in one bridge of government shutdown major parts of the government. all because they did not like one block. remember most republicans have made a bunch of predictions of this law that have not come true. lou: retake the president's refusal to negotiate over a law that the majority of america does not want that doesn't even apply to congress or the white house. also to bikers among this group here of new york city are in custody after dragging a 33 year-old man and out of his sgb beating him in front of his wife and two year-old daughter. but the driver may also face charges he drove into the bikers and we will have that story straight ahead. a lone survivor of a rockslide sheriff's deputies
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to the rescue of a 13 year-old after tons of rock fell on her and her family. her father jumped on top of her to protect her and saved her life. five other family members were killed. we have the story. we have the story of a government shutdown and launch of obamacare. he still refuses to negotiate with republicans are willing to budge the majority of the house of representatives did not vote on. the then house speaker nancy pelosi used a little-known procedural maneuver to get obamacare through the house back in 2010. the so-called resolution to allow the house to pass the bill without voting. she attached obamacare to a reconciliation measure in the house rules committee simply put they approved obamacare the remainder of
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the house did not. a and speaker pelosi who famously declared if you want to know what is it you have to pass it. they did. that way. president obama continues to assume any responsibility for the impasse or the government shut down but he energetically attacked republicans in his rose garden remarks. here is our chief white house correspondent with the report. >> the president came out swinging telling republicans the affordable care act is here to stay. he bluntly said it is time for the g.o.p. to get over it. >> they shot down over the ideological crusade to millions of american. >> in new paul suggests the president has an uphill battle with 45 percent supporting in 47 percent
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opposing if the news is better for the president and troubling for the republicans passed about the implementation and 72 percent oppose a strategy and 22 percent support it why the president repeatedly tried to branded a republican in shutdown to fire warning shots. >> file not negotiate over response ability to pay the bills it has already racked up nobody will drag the name of the united states of america through the mud to extract ideological demands. >> the speaker boehner fired back that it is a president who owns the shutdown. >> they will not even sit down to have a discussion about this. >> the president said he wants a long-term deal even though another day passed without a sedan and called them spoiled children.
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>> it follows days of aids calling republicans arsonist and extortionists and terrorists. >> they are attempting to extort the american people and the economy to get the partisan objectives. and i can only echo the republican house member who accused his colleagues of being suicidal lemmings. >> again we're not asking for anything in return for them to do the fundamental responsibility without trauma or delay. >> referring to the congressman of california that itell on house republicans the attacks of health care are getting old that the white house hopes is a sign of the g.o.p. what to do next. lou: and henry. for the 19 hours as the
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government afraid of offending the house and senate are not a part -- a far apart on the deal the house -- the senate rejected any mention of obamacare in senator harry reid will not negotiate in any negotiation that could have avoided the showdown. like emmanuel has the latest for us from capitol hill. >> house republican leadership next pl has a veto threat from the white house that funding three emergency bill so veterans can get benefits and reopen the national parks and monuments to allow the district of columbia the government to function. this speaker sounded aggravated it would not agree to a meeting. >> they not only rejected that but also our call to sit down and resolve our differences under the constitution which makes it clear that the two house
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says disagree we should sit down to resolve the matters seven kerry reed insisted on a clean stopgap funding bill >> we will not be forced to choose disease control or highway safety or the fbi. >> nancy pelosi suggested republans may be enjoying the situation. >> the shutdown weld maybe a joy to you is a luxury our country cannot afford. >> id with the upcoming debt ceiling battle could produce results. >> most budget agreements in the past have always involve the debt limit increase so that mechanism what like what obama sign before we want the debt under control. >> meanwhile the largest naval base in the world now says it is time to pass a
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clean continuing resolution because the shutdown does not advance the g.o.p. >> individual government, a responsibility, energy exploration and that conservative agenda. my conclusion is no it does not. i am calling for a clean continuing resolution. >> of the threat has been called hypocritical last night he signed the bill for the troops but now threatening to veto a bill for benefits for veterans. lou: said the funding of obamacare plays a central role in the government shut down. yes the health care plan began its rollout today. as people try to sign up had error messages in glitches and web site crashes as the state exchanges across the country are national
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corresponded is live in washington. >> hello. of the most of it was shut down the changes were open or at least tried. >> technological glitches are significant. it is very difficult for navigators, brokers, users to actually use it. >> even though th expect those to be resolved many people today advised clients to wait a few weeks to even try to avoid the chaos. >> many web sites have crashed, the call centers have long waits for by had a couple agents told me today if you like dealing with said dmv or the irs you will love obamacare. >> there similar experiences in atlanta to sign people up president obama explained the problem because so many
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people wanted coverage then compare it to the new product will douse be but just consider apple rolled out a new operating system ian and within days they found a glitch so they fixed it. i remember anybody suggesting they should stop selling diaphones r.i. pads. >> obamacare will help the sick americans it does plates high rates on the others on the young and healthy without whom they will face difficulties. >> they have the sharpest increase is a subsidized the sec and older that will be integrated. >> they are expecting insurance costs to rise 72%. >> according to the insurance commissioner's office in madison wisconsin
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a 63 year-old will sid increase of 70% and 21 grossi increase 125% increase of health insurance cost. >> the ohio department estimates 41%premiums because oe requires a long list of essential benefits of every plan. >> just because the government says they should have the product that bells and whistles that people don't want. >> some people will pay more than day otherwise would or would be willing to pay and as prices rise that may encourage more young people to drop out. >> as people get older and sicker the process repeats and tell you have the insurance pool that is very expensive to cover in prices only appeal to the older and sicker people. that is known as a death spiral in insurance terms so
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the glitches will be fixed but will the provision is actually working and at what cost? lou: those are looming larger in the dancers look like they will be very difficult it is almost impossible to believe this government, and this administration has three and a half years to prepare for today and this is what we get. >> even democrats will lead myth that. >> much more tonight on the rocky rollout och obamacare and the shutdown is involved with. stay with us. >> the government is closed and obamacare is open end. registered nurse and registered nurse and congresswoman when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals:
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lou: you are looking at the of live video of the house floor the debate over three separate funding bills going into the second hour to open in the national parks and allow washington d.c. to return to normal operation all to be debated and voted onhortly. the three proposals that obama vows to veto the democratically led said it that voted to shut the government down when it chose to give members of congress special treatment accorded to our next guest to says it is unfair for the president to provide delays for big business and subsidies for the politically connected
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indented by the same thing to the hard-working men and women. you congresswoman die on -- dianne black also a registered nurse for the 40 years. you have had a busy day and it continues. just to get your interpretation the threat of a veto from the white house does that imply there is a fear the senate may go along with you >> we don't know and tell it goes over there i will not even take a guess. this is a difficult time. the have the senate in the president saying they are not willing to even talk. this is ridiculous the president willing to negotiate with russia and syria but not congress.
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lou: it is startling because this is the unintended consequence of behavior of senator reid and president obama the longer it goes the more clear it is to the american people the house of representatives have moved to fund the government, the late the individual mandate just as the president did for big business and at the same time as this president has insisted you have offered to make changes and pushed aside medical devices, what are you going to do and how to move forward? >> it is very frustrating. the american people did not want to see the government closed down but do not want
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the government to go forward. so we will also fight for fairness it is not fair the president continues to give those of special interest a delay or a special exemption with the employer mandate or the unions. we said you ought to treat the americans the individuals who don't have the influence the same way. it is unfair members of congress are exempt. lou: i will point out because i failed to do so we're talking about the subsidies the president has provided to congress, your staff in the administrative whitehouse. this is spectacular favoritism of the easy to empower fall of washington d.c. they will not even think back of stepping back we have heard stories of republicans and democrats to
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haying on. what you say? >> it is a fairness issue i hear this all the time congress doesn't live under the rules that we make. i believe they should i still believe that. this is a fairness issue we cannot even get the senate to sit down and talk. this is the way the government was set up to have negotiations between the house and the senate in the president the way the constitution was set up and it is very frustrating we cannot evening get them to even talk about fairness issues. fell lot is not ready for prime time. i have a screen shot of what people see across the country with the error messages and i talked about this before even with you
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before on the data services services, this is not ready for prime time yet we cannot even get an audience with the president that he would read braying american red together. there would be purple states but we see broken promises today. the president will not even have a dialogue to talk to us about what is going on with the unworkable health care law. lou: does your caucus remain united to night? we heard from other republican congressmen who talked about doing a clean c.r. and move on reducing key here making progress to bring your message to gain support? >> we always have people that think differently and represent different parts of the country but we are to
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represt the members of our district. you will sometimes you're something different than for the most part we are united in this and believe in the president and harry reid indeed to come to the table to have conversations to find the government get make sure we protect the american people from this onerous lot to cause premiums to rise and give the limited choices we see 190% increase the premiums i could go on and on with the problems. lou: to an even better to be articulated by the republican party we see every sign the american people are begiing to see what the issues truly are
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and the price is the government shut down if they could avoid a disaster as some democrats and republicans have said it is worth it. >> if i may just end with this, as the american people have this affect their lives we will continue to see there will be the unpopularity of this lot. lou: always good to talk with you. up next to the president last republicans with the last government shut down it hurt our e economy. we will take up the chalk talk. you know, what happens with that. trees lives.
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♪ lou: you are looking live there at the floor of the house of representatives, the lower chamber voting to restore funding for veterans benefits. the outcome of the vote to you are watching here just in moments. three votes moving forward. we will see what happens as this shutdown continues. the federal government has set down 17 times as new budgeting
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was put in place back in 1976. the last shot down came in late 1995, and in 1996. and contrary to what president obama again said today, it did not hurt the economy. we want to show you so they you know what happened. in fact a man after the shutdowns, the s&p 500 actually moved up 4%. that is a pretty good rally during the nearly two months covering the shutdown. residents judge and at%, at ten and a half to 510 at% the following month. unemployment, let's talk about employment. the state even justified and a half% during the shutdown. what happened after that? it fell to five and a half
10:29 pm
percent by february of 1996. that is pretty good when you think we are over seven percentage. the most stubborn job market after a recovery in ages. the economy at that point was growing. think about this. the economy was growing just under 3%. the fourth quarter, 1995. it did slightly. but then, icky ready for this, in the second quarter after the shutdown it rose. do you want to hear any more bull about what a dangerous disastrous thing a shutdown of our government is. maybe we need to do it every
10:30 pm
couple of years under this administration. think with the economy would be. every major economic indicator. '95 and '96 improves after the clinton era government shut down . and following all that came the first balanced budget with -- i three decades. in those budgets, they balanced her for years, four years. president obama is really ratcheting up the rhetoric of fear that he enjoys so much. about the impact of shutting the government down, it turns out to be nothing more than hysterical fear mongering, utterly and completely unsupportee by the the facts or a street. as to the future, we will be joined by city private bankable chief and as the strategist. where do we go from here?
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that is so we will be talking about. stay with us. who will be coming right back. the negotiations, no talks, nothing. president obama is open to nothing. nothing. joining us next. any last requests mr. baldwin? do you mind grabbing my phone and opening the capital one purchase eraser? i need to redeem some venture miles before my demise. okay. it's easy to erase any recent travel expense i want. just pick that flight right there. mmm hmmm. give it a few taps,'s taken care of. this is pretty easy, and i see it works on hotels too. you bet. now if you like that, press the red button on top. ♪ how did he not see that coming? what's in your wallet? how did he not see that coming? customer erin swenson ordebut they didn't fit.line customer's not happy, i'm not happy. sales go down, i'm not happy. merch comes back, i'm not happy. use ups. they make returns easy.
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♪ lou: house of representatives again in the middle of the first three votes that they will have tonight to restore portions of funding to the government. the lower chamber voting on whether or not to restore funding for veterans benefits right now. the outcome of that vote for you here in just moments. on wall street stocks closing higher. a nice final hour rally. the dow of 62 points. the s&p gained 13, nasdaq 46. volume on the big board is about to have billion shares with seems to be the level this week.
10:35 pm
shares of apple up nearly two and a half% after billionaire investor carl icahn tweeted -- i love this -- tweeting that he pushed hard for a $150 billion share buyback during his meeting with apple ceo tin cup last night. joining me now with his outlook for the market, steven wedding, global chief investment strategist for city private bank. could have your. this market, contrary as the dickens moving higher when most people were assuming we would see perhaps even a cataclysm in the market as a result of the shutdown. what is going on? >> i think that there is some hope that picking a fight over government shut down could be constructed on the debt ceiling. it is in a completely different league from the you're right shut down. people who are furloughed have not permanently lost their jobs. along the shut down in history was three weeks, little over half a percentage.
10:36 pm
and again, if we're going to take a fight, let's do this one. the other issue is, the economy is growing. manufacturing purchase managers report, continuing -- lou: and at least a surprise to some. >> times the levels we have not seen since 2007, stronger than the recent employment the board's orders suggested. hopefully no more. lou: and the republicans are promising that this will go on for weeks of the president is not receptive to reasonable negotiation or any kind initiation, i suppose. what do you think of the effect of that? >> again, if it is limited to a government shutdown then you think of rather small effects compared to the particular issue of defaulting on debt which is an extremely low probability. the idea of, let's say, prioritizing interest payments and cutting spending by
10:37 pm
4 percent of gdp overnight compared to a fiscal drag that at most was estimated at half a percent of gdp. lou: a different league. and i think we would be talking about cataclysms. i hope that the republicans are in no way talking about a dramatic, drastic, draconian cut that would be disruptive to the economy. i just hope that they are talking about reasonable, prudent, fiscal policy. bernanke is going to talk tomorrow. he is going to have fed presidents following. one will be with them. would you expect? >> normally some of the things that were covered, you know, by this last fomc meeting. still lingering worries about government shut down, some was the convincing data. then me, a is the thing that the windows wide open to taper at this last meeting. again, focuses not on that, what
10:38 pm
ultimately was the fed does decide to move away from german this accommodation, i think next time around it could be more disruptive. it will be harder to get consensus now that they have less this open. lou: surprising that there would taper in september. you are suggesting that that somehow or create a more erratic and perhaps wall tile response. >> to properly suggested again. markets were very well prepared. this is not to invent the. i think again, the fundamentals of the american economy or improving. you know, this program was at its diamond of risks to the economy seemed larger. it draws attention to something, but i don't think it is behind the american economy's improvement. lou: we will have to conclude there. i will give you the final word on it. it is interesting to see right now as to where we are in this
10:39 pm
economy suggesting to me at least a week, perhaps, need a little more evidence. i'm not sure how much we can rely on government reports of their shut down, but there we are. good to have you with us. please take a second to visit our social sites. find links to our facebook page. e-mail me. follow me on twitter. go to tonight for the latest on the government shut down and how government to the how the government shut down might affect the economy. up next, accused of some of benghazi. another major network cancels a hillary clinton project. they're called projects in the business. dear, right back.
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♪ lou: breaking news following up a story we first brought you
10:43 pm
yesterday. new york police say to bikers are in custody, another in critical condition after a terrifying chase sunday. the driver who had his wife and 2-year-old child with him in the car initially pulled over after tapping a bike's fender, as they put it. he claims he was forced to take off. at that point the driver had three more bikers, one of them reportedly suffered two broken legs. a wild chase ensued and eventually they caught up with them it really you don't see in the video is that the allegedly drove the driver under the street, beat him, and slashed his face and chest. he is in the hospital. well, nbc canceled its plans to have a hillary clinton miniseries hours after cnn dropped its plan documentary. in the case of cnn, the film's director backed out of the project clamming clinton people stonewalled him and democrats to talk with simply refused to cooperate.
10:44 pm
imagine that. joining us now, the "a-team". former in lieutenant governor of the state of new york, fox news legal analyst, author of the book. wheatley standard senior writer, fox news contributor. thank you all for being here. let me begin with you. obamacare is here. in villages. over 30 states. so problems, but this is the beginning. is the president going to have obamacare irrespective of the cost and its ineffectiveness? >> it is unfortunate that the shutdown occurred the same day as the rollout because it obscured most of the news about how on ready a law is for rollout. but the fact is that the federal data hub, which is responsible for combining information, and security, the irs to mild and
10:45 pm
human services and state agencies is not ready to function. most of the -- lou: essential to obamacare. >> that's right. lou: the interaction, the communication would be -- i mean, it is -- >> it's shocking. i'll be true. lou: ubiquitous tustin companion , and giant binder. >> it is true that the law is complexed all but nevertheless, they had three years. it makes youonder about confidence. after three years so much is done ready. >> terrier really wondering? >> when you were saying computer glitches, they are much more than glitches. you were talking of what the percentages. it is about one-third of people who tried to go on to the website, tried to get through this, trying to sign up.
10:46 pm
>> these malfunctions, this lack of readiness, this in confidence. lou: let me ask you, steven haze, you are worried about these as well. actually indicative of a larger even holistic failure. >> well, i think they have had three years to plan for this. gasol like anyone was surprised at the october 1st would be the day. we knew this was coming. they should not have been surprised that this is complex. this is something conservatives have been morning across as the initial conception of obamacare. back to the 2008 campaign and people were saying this would be complex. none of this should be a surprise. i think it is actually breaking through. it is true, the timing is unfortunate for political purposes. if you are someone who opposes obamacare it complicates the
10:47 pm
masses to a certain extent, but there is no question that the glitches are far more languages. the very beginning, the launch of obamacare, getting significant attention and will continue. lou: to tell you the truth, the republicans have come up with a winning strategy. that is, to delay the individual mandate of obamacare. this is a validation, and empirical validation, a torrential validation of a day of said. to insist upon fairness, to surrender the subsidies for their participation in obamacare along with the white house staff , these are two leading issues. >> the second one is critically, critically important. the law says that members of congress will enroll in the health insurance exchanges. when the president weaseled the special subsidy for members of
10:48 pm
congress, no one else in america is anyone under $74,000 your but get. it conflicts with everything that we think. lou: that's what i said. >> mary it up to a different concept because this makes a lot of sense. alone being put into a box with all the glitches. what political now to may would be put in a place greek and say okay. we will go along with the 1-year delay. he saves face and they get the delay. lou: well the republicans persist? will the prevail? >> i have absolutely no idea what they're going too next. you are hearing very differentm. yesterday on the senate floor, he suggested that he was open to downshifting from his bush to defund obamacare to something closer to what the house is pushing for. reasons that you all just cited.
10:49 pm
couple of hours after that his office for in a statement saying we did not mean a bit were letting off the gas. you have others in eectay, maybe we should just get on obamacare altogether and give back to just talking about cutting spending. i think that would be crazy. look, the most likely outcome is that at some point the house of representatives moves toward a clean container resolution and passes with large support from republicans in the house, some support from democrats. then they shift the vehicle of this debate on the substantive issues that you have identified to the debt ceiling. lou: you washingtonians really, the complexity. i like that. not the result, but i love it. thank you so much. we appreciate it. thank you for being with us. up next, the new book, shaping our nation, a cultural migration from centuries past.
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♪ lou: the house of representatives, breaking news, just moments ago, voting down the provision that would have restored funding for veterans benefits. the house he read a two-thirds vote required. it failed, even though every republican voted yes, democrats effectively killing the legislation off. the house voting now on a bill to find d.c. or permitted to use its own resources to operate. joining me now, the washington examiners' senior political analyst, fox news contributor, author of this brand new book which, shipping our nation,
10:54 pm
surges and migration transformed america and the politics. congratulations. and the idea that migration is powerful, a nation of immigrants and entire path lay, the course of our history searches of migration, both and a grant from across the ocean, the southern plantation moving in taking their slaves from the atlantic's the war to the mississippi valley. the collision between these two groups of the census slavery with the territories literally leading the civil war. migration internal have built a great nation and also sometimes cause problems and difficulties. lou: as you poi out and the difficulties are part of life.
10:55 pm
the difficulties in america than most other nations. multiculturalism. >> we have done multi-cultural good since the founding fathers. they had a formula. limited government, power and religious tolerance no religious test for office, no law regarding an establishment of religion. and rule of law and individual rights. and that formula has generally worked pretty well. sometimes some of us think that we have not done a good as job assimilating the hispanic immigrants. this table from eastern and southern europe it came between
10:56 pm
1892 in 1914. lou: when these alias in late, when you break down your own cultural and societal norms and values, you are making a mistake when you don't impose laws on all equally then you're defeating was intended. >> educating children. one of the things that i found in this is that the searches, no one predicted when it would start, almost no one predicts when it will end. the north resurge from 1940 to '65, just one generation and then stopped. lou: and so do we. out of time. great to have you with this bill read the book is shaping our nation. we will be a best seller. here to see it. we will be linking to it.
10:57 pm
be sure to write every tomorrow, senator david twitter joins us. we thank you for being with this.
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>> 20 hours then, no sign that the shutdown is done. surprise, surprise, republicans getting the blame. but is this a little over-the-top? get ready, it is already getting worse. no wonder some republicans were saying enough is enough. why herman cain said you better save the health care law is do or die. but here is the thing, this health care law is not dead. the exchanges just got rolling. and imagined being an individual being in charge of getting you to sign


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